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The term mother sauce “refers to any one of five(5) basic sauce, which are the starting points for for making various secondary sauce or “small sauce.”


Mother sauces (structure or foundation)  from which all the sauces are derived.

type sauce liquid thickening agent seasoning flavoruing
w bechamel milk roux(1:1) flour&but salt &paper onion,cloves,nutmeg
b velute stock blond roux&liason salt &paper teragon,herbs,mirapox,bouquet garnee
b espagnole beef brown stock brown roux salt &paper buquet garnee,tomato,red wine
r tomato beef brown stock brown roux salt &paper tomato and mirapox
y hollandise clarified butter egg youlk salt &paper,cayenne paper,onion lime juice and taragon
cy mayonnaise oil(veg oil,olive oil or vergin oil egg youlk,white,whole egg salt paper lime juice andvinigar,french master
mirapox -cellary,carrot,onion 2:1:1