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General Discipline:

1.Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverage, consumption of drug, chewing gum, pan are strictly prohibited inside the institute premises.

2.All properties of “RAIIHM” must be handle with care. in case of damage of institute property of pilferage caused by student, the student will be charge for the same.

3.Student shall not bring friend, visitors, and relative to the class or practical class room.

4.In all matters involving discipline, the decision of “RAIIHM” is final and binding on all students.

5.Tuition fees should pay on time at “RAIIHM” office. On the payment of fees receipt will be issued by “RAIIHM” which should be presented for future reference if required.

6.“RAIIHM” reserves the rights to postpone any course or not to start any course due to insufficient enrolment. If the course is cancelled or postpone beyond 60 days of original scheduled date entire fees collected from the student will be refunded.

7.Tuition fees should be paid on time otherwise fine will be counted per day delay ₹-50/-.

8.Any admission or tuition fees once paid its not refundable due to dis continue of course.

9.If the course fees as per instalment are not paid within 30 days of due date, the student may be dropped from the courses and the earlier deposited money by the student cannot be refundable.

10.Student who doesn’t have 85 % of attendance will not allow for final exam or training.

11.All students should be come to the institute with proper uniform which is provided by the institute.

Internship Programme:

1.As a part of some course conducted by “RAIIHM” , the student undergo an Internship programme,where by they are sent for industrial training in establishments located in any part of India or neighbouring country.

  1. Decision of “RAIIHM” Management regarding training and placement in particular organization in final and binding on the entire students. no request from students or his/her guardian for change of organization will be entertained by the Institute.
  2. During the Training Traveling cost and all expenses will be provide by individual students or his/her guardian.
  3. All selected students will have to make their own arrangement for accommodation at the place of the training. The institute or organization where training has been arranged will not take any responsibility for arranging accommodation, all though possible assistance may be provided.
  4. “RAIIMH” will not entertain any other Training certificate other than that issued by the industrial training establishment with which the candidates training has been arranged, in such a case his/her training will be treated as cancelled and the student will be required to repeat the term.

6.If a student discontinues from the internship program in midway, “RAIIHM” will not arrange for any alternate training, the institute will not entertain any request in this matter from the student or his/her guardians and institute may take strict action.

  1. The Institute will not accept any liability in respect of any accident or injury a student may sustain during training period or classroom training.

8.The student will abide by all industrial training policies, rules and regulations relating to training. The student will perform any responsible task required by the management of employing organization decision of authorities of the establishment regarding placing a student in a particular department is final and binding on the students. No request for change during the training period is a minimum requirement.

9.Prior to departure for industrial training, all dues to the institute must be cleared, otherwise his/her training may be cancelled.