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NC Kot – Non Chargeable KOT

NC kots are usually made for food or beverage which is served to guest without charge. Egs. If management has given a free food voucher to a guest (attach voucher) If the owner or the owner’s friends are not charged for dining.(attach to the settled bill duly signed...

Handle guest complaints in restaurant

Hello and welcome to my Blog Today we will discuss about restaurant complaints handling techniques. We all need to deal with complaints no matter how well we serve and cook it is just part of the restaurant business and the key easy in handling it in a way that you...

Guest service skills that matter

The customer service skills that matter When most business publications talk about excellent customer service skills, things like “being a people person” tend to take the spotlight. It’s not that this trait is outright wrong, but it’s so vague and generic that it’s...

Top Careers in the Hospitality Industry

1.     Casino Property General Manager This position requires managing all aspects of their casino properties including operations, staffing, and customer service. The current median salary for a casino property general manager is $199, 559. The top 25 percent of...

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free hostel facilites is subject to availabilities ,first come first basis,and for low income grade families students. presently we offer this facilites only for boyes. 

GET SCHOLARSHIP up to ₹30000/- on every spot admission in Hotel Management Course

we understand value of education on this pandemic situation we are stand with our students. we revoke some  additional charges like uniform(including blazer & chef coat set , bag, tie, practical kit etc) charge which was previously ₹7000/- now its totally free .we also provide free hostel accommodation facilities for low income grade families (Tc apply) .