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NC kots are usually made for food or beverage which is served to guest without charge.

Egs. If management has given a free food voucher to a guest (attach voucher)
If the owner or the owner’s friends are not charged for dining.(attach to the settled bill duly signed by the respective guest or manager in charge or both – as per company policy)
If there is alcohol required in food preparation for a particular menu item ordered by the guest.( signed by manager and chef on NC KOT)

In above situations, its clearly known that this is not charged to the guest (directly). So when these KOTs are made, mention as NC on top.

There are 2 ways of doing it for (manual kots)

  1. Write a normal KOT and mention as NC on top – for food (one method)
    If its for liquor to be taken from bar – write an fresh kot (NC) mention the liquor item with reference number of food kot.
  2. You can keep a separate KOT book – for NC KOT – (manual – KOT book system). Its easy to track all complimentary items for future reference.

For computerized outlets – using pos :
Punch kot as normal and get it signed from chef and manager attach this to the complimentary settled bill.
There should be separate icons in pos for complimentary alcohols used by kitchen.

There can be multiple NC Kots expected like juice or soft drinks used in mocktails etc.(put the original menu items kot number for reference , if required – as per company policy) , So keep one KOT open for the whole day and punch all complimentary items in the same KOT number and collect all hard copies with signature of chef and manager and attach this to the complimentary bill (settled at the end of day) before day end.