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we are trying to give you  overview about rum, first you need to

what is rum?

Rum is a distilled beverage made  from sugarcane products.

Eg. Molasses and sugarcane juice

Making of Rum

There are some steps are flowed making rum

Firstly the sugarcane is harvested and crushed to remove the juice. During  the process of making sugar we get a by product  call molasses which forms the base of most Rums.


Yeast, water added to molasses to start  fermentation


Then the fermenting liquid is distilled.

– Pot still distillation for darker rums


— Patent still distillation for light rums


Blending is done based on the age, type and style of rum.  Marrying of rum takes place in    oak casks

It is bottled and packaged after filtering.


Then as per the type of the rum  the distillate is aged.

 Light Rum: Aged for 3 months  Golden Rum: Aged for 18 months

 Dark Rum: Aged for 3 year & more. It is  matured in charred oak barrels.

 Types of Rum

 Light Rum Also referred to as light, silver, and white rum. Light rum has very little  flavour and colour and are  usually used in cocktails.
Golden Rum Also called Amber rum Medium-bodied rums which 
are generally aged can
obtain  its flavor through addition of  spices and caramel/color.
Dark Rum Also called black rum Generally aged longer,
in heavily  charred barrels Has a much stronger flavor than 
either light or gold rum, has a  spicy and caramel flavour
Flavoured Rum  Infused with
 flavors of fruits such as mango,  orange, citrus, coconut

 How is Rum served?

1.Mixed with soda/coke


3.With fruit juice

4.Straight on the rocks

6.As mixed drinks

Famous Brand Names

1.Captain Morgan



4.Admiral Nelson

5.Old Monk